Introducing Details For Diet for sexuality

Sex life means a very intense mental experience plus a consistent hard physical work. To maximize each of the performances, you will need a good bodily and psychic health.

From the primary days of mankind, it came against each other that there is a link between nourishment and sexuality. A sex diet uses a series of rational food habits, for starters being recommended vegetable food and only secondly animal food.

In the period of sex men and women have to have a different level of calories: for males - 2800-3200 kcal/day, women - 1800-2000 kcal/day.

The most significant food and drink's categories employed by modern society to stimulate sex-life are:

Vegetable food liked celery, asparagus, spinach, parsley, patience, beans, soy, garlic, onion, hot pepper, carrots, endive, cabbage, lettuce, bananas, strawberries, peaches, pears, apples, sweet chestnut, mango, dates, figs, almonds, nuts, peanuts. A very important place takes spices, which give aroma and fortify the organism.

Animal food like beef prepared as barbecue, eggs, milk, cheese and other dairies.

Coffee is regarded as the used stimulus of contemporary humankind. It's true that the cup of coffee is a fantastic elixir, since it contains caffeine, and it induces a "good feeling." . However, also an excessive amount of coffee eliminates the good results of it, and yes it spotlights the worse ones (higher hypertension, anxiety, gastric diseases).

Alcohol can stimulate the libido. However, drinking excessively this type of drinks, especially for men, could stop any try to make love, because: "It arouses the lust, but takes away the performance" (Shakespeare).

A moderate quantity of alcohol is a stimulant, reduces fear and inhibitions. For example, it is possible to consume at most half bottle of wine, in case your height is 75 kgs. Too much alcohol depreciates between the neurological system. Sexual functions, but alternatively way increases violence.

Talking about beer, it's known as a nourishing drink, with a low content of alcohol, in which is considered a great aphrodisiac. Talking about facts, only black beer will work for libido.

Wine is usually a strong aphrodisiac, particularly when it's spiced. There is "Hypocrate s aphrodisiac," , an elixir made almost of red wine combined with clove, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and sugar. The sex specialists consider 1-2 servings of good wine combined with a refine meal, a nice company and an intimate atmosphere, is usually a prelude for any hot night.

To produce a magic as well as a wonderful atmosphere you are able to appeal to sensual music, warm colors (especially orange), hot whispers, sexy lingerie and perfumes, candles and aromatherapy (musk, jasmine, rose), lower light along with a lot of love!
Title : Introducing Details For Diet for sexuality
Description : Sex life means a very intense mental experience plus a consistent hard physical work. To maximize each of the performances, you will need a ...

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